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Your Copilot for Payment Optimization

10%+ of your revenue is blocked by current fraud solutions

Archaic fraud prevention methods block good transactions to keep chargeback rate low
33% of customers churn after a false decline
False declines can be 2x the value of approved transactions

    Unblock revenue through AI fraud prevention and advanced analytics

    CorgiAI is an end-to-end fraud detection and prevention suite, built on a core of customizable and explainable AI.

    Understand, detect and prevent fraud


    Unparalleled results tailored to your business

    Our ML models are adapted to your business market, and region - with customization to fit your needs and drive results fast.
    Automated, optimized, ML algorithms for fraud detection
    Proactive enforcement to control fraud and block rates
      You're in control, always

      Explainable AI for fraud prevention

      Stay on top of your business, data and models. You'll be able to understand, fine tune, and get the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.
      Analyze model performance with our fully transparent metrics and benchmarks
      Decipher and detect fraud with our payment risk insights
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        Get started in 5 minutes via our automated integrations

        Integrate directly with your payment provider and receive real-time data analysis, without any code. Simply plug and play.
        Fully automated prevention with no manual intervention
        Integrate in just 5 minutes, no code needed
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