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Corgi Labs makes payments optimization and analytics easy using AI tailored to your business. Let us show you how.



CorgiLABS Fraud Prevention pricing model

Payment optimization and fraud prevention are built into the Corgi Labs integrations with Stripe and Adyen.

Note that we will not apply Corgi Labs to 100% of transactions, always leaving a certain ‘holdback’ % to measure our performance and maintain customer trust.


20 bps of approved revenue for transactions approved by Corgi Labs


of incremental revenue improvement

Why Corgilabs

Understand, detect and prevent fraud with
our plug & play SaaS

Immediate Revenue Impact

Connect your PSPs and let Corgi create a customized machine-learning model to control your fraud in less than 48 hours*

Transparent and Clear Insights

Use a centralized dashboard to understand key fraud metrics, your business transactions and rule logic

Expert Support

Receive real-time alerts and customizable analytics reports that our dedicated team can walk you through to help you unblock revenue

How it works

Quick & easy set up with your payments
partner for rapid results 

Plug & Play

Explainable AI

Centralized Analytics

Fraud Monitoring and Alerts

Weekly Summary Report


Who doesn’t love a Corgi?

Corgi Labs reduced our disputes by 24%, and improved our accepted payments by 15%. Thanks to them, we’re on track to recover $2.4 million in revenue this year. In this economic climate, CorgiAI has been crucial in helping us recover hidden revenue and reduce fraud losses. They really know their stuff, and helped bring much-needed clarity to our understanding of payments. I’d highly recommend reaching out to them if you need any help with payment fraud. 

Product Lead, Global Payments Provider

For us, these numbers were a huge eye opener. We didn’t monitor these stats, so I'm very thankful you guys are helping us to do this. Increasing authorization rate will be huge for us!

CEO, E-Retailer

Corgi Labs can help us solve fraud problems for the underloved SMEs

Head of Product, Global Payments Provider

Did you know that


of consumers will not shop again at a business after a false decline


is lost in LTV for every $100 in false payment declines


in Customer Acquisition (CAC) is lost for every false decline

Potential Revenue Recovery?

Monthly GMV ($) $2,500,000.00
Authorization Rate 74%
Dispute Rate 1%
Monthly Revenue $1,850,000.00
False Decline Losses $525,000.00
Fraud Losses $75,000.00
Corgi can help you recover $180,000.00 / month

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